“Flower filled garden, colourful butterflies, something vibrant,” she repeated his words ........


Sanctuary  of hardness

In judgement filled whispers you will often hear them talking

Moon is obstinate…..

Picture credits: flo222(pixabay)   "Perhaps the moon is obstinate to school us about the beauty of the blemished souls and the art of graceful return after every dark battle." ©sakshi~the escapist, 2018  


Not perfect, but perfectly flawed.........because our flaws define our perfection. Hello fellow bloggers and readers! How are you all??? I hope great!! I am not regular with my blog posts these days and I am really sorry for that. I am crazy busy and it feels like I haven't written fiction in YEARS!! I hope... Continue Reading →


That bitter pill named 'pride'......... Hey guys! I hope you all are doing great. If you liked this post, you can also follow my blog Wordland Voyage (@wordlandvoyage) on Instagram for more quotes like this. Have a great week ahead! ✌✌

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