Beautiful Magical Words #7

"Always walking straight home Like the other good girls do Careful what you wish for It could never be like you It's not the right thing baby But the right thing suits so few Let's take the other road baby Cause it looks so good on you" ~Heaven's gonna wait for you, Hedley To know... Continue Reading →

Big Fat Gratitude!

Dear fellow bloggers and lovely readers! (Yeah, I am not good with ‘catchy’ introductions, so bear with me guys!) I hope you all are doing great. You guys must be wondering what this ‘thank you’ is about, right? Well, my blog’s follower count is increased and now I have 100+ followers. Yeah, no biggie or... Continue Reading →

You are strong

But people aren’t going to look at you and run away. They’re going to look at you and think that they can talk to you

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