Out of ashes

Flames shaped something new

Something worth the struggle and pain


Drizzle was fancied……


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How a place that once must have been full of liveliness and glory could turn into something eerie after years of abandonment and neglect?


Category: Haiku “Lively monsoon rains failed to revive the flowers already withered” ©sakshi~the escapist, 2017 RIP Chester Bennington Image: Courtesy of Pixabay

Rising wall

And with every single brick
Its dominance grew like a snowball

Point of no return

Maybe it’s a beautiful epiphany or an ugly cognizance. But you know you’ve already gone too far when

The Mist

Those lines began to get clearer
That were blurred by the fresh daze

The Price #5 (the adieu….)

“What happened to the girl?” she couldn’t keep herself from asking. She heard the curiosity and concern in her own voice.

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