No one

What kind of human being would that be…

You say things affect me easily

Picture: Pixabay Category: Poetry   You say things affect me easily   “You say things affect me easily  You say I take everything seriously    But darling how can I discuss weather  when there are so many things to talk about  like my fears, my imperfections and things that make me feel strong?    How could one…


Everyone can’t be 

as diligent as 

the gardener

It’s just a game

It was something about those in-between moments of the night when you lay your head on pillow and when you finally fall asleep


beginning of being whole again…….


“Flower filled garden, colourful butterflies, something vibrant,” she repeated his words ……..

Moon is obstinate…..

Picture credits: flo222(pixabay)   “Perhaps the moon is obstinate to school us about the beauty of the blemished souls and the art of graceful return after every dark battle.” ©sakshi~the escapist, 2018