That bitter pill named ‘pride’………

Hey guys!

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Have a great week ahead! ✌✌

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  1. Mr. Mel says:

    Wonderful quote sakshi. Have not seen much from you, thank you for sharing this one. 🌷

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    1. Thanks a lot, Mr. Mel. I am very busy these days and hardly get any time to write 😔 I hope I’ll be able to manage at weekends. Thanks again! ✌

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  2. daringdhanya says:

    That’s a nice quote!😃

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  3. Wow! Beautiful quote. Btw, could I ask you what app you use for creating and editing quotes?

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    1. Thanx dear! Well…I don’t use any mobile app. It’s photoshop 😉


      1. Oooooh. Smart and very creative. I just can’t understand Photoshop. You mean the app or the software?

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      2. I was an archi student so I know the basics of using photoshop on pc. I had tried the other phone apps before but their quality is nothing compared to photoshop.


      3. That’s true. But boy, is it difficult,even as a phone app. But thanks for letting me know 😊

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      4. You’re welcome 😇

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