“For once, let the hidden qualms be voiced, those biggest fears be revealed and the worries be unburdened. The weight is heavy and so cruel that it won’t settle for anything less than fulfilling its harsh desire to make you crumble underneath.
For once, let your words flow, if not from your lips then from this ink. This fragile paper can take those words, those qualms, fears and worries. This fragile paper won’t let that cruel weight have its way.
Don’t hold back, don’t let yourself get buried. Every day is a fight to save yourself from crumbling. So for once, let the hidden qualms be voiced.”

©sakshi~the escapist, 2017

Image: Courtesy of Pixabay

Category: Nocturnal thoughts

Daily prompt: Qualm


36 thoughts on “For once

  1. It really a wonder how writing is limitless , fearless and bravest its always the greatest weapon of any war even if its within us. This was one fearless and brave form of writing and hope it fulfilled the purpose it was supposed to.

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    1. Thanks a lot, Ashutosh! You’re absolutely right, writing is our weapon. Your words are very encouraging and the compliment is too big. Yeah, this one fullfilled the purpose to some extent. Thanks again for stopping by. Have a nice day!

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