Too soon

“Perhaps it’s too soon

To accept that the most

Precious is now gone.

Too soon to leave

Comforting cocoon of

darkness and desolation.

It’s hard to go

Through stuff that

Is now abandoned.

So for now it’s okay

to put the blame on

Cobwebs and dust.”

©sakshi~the escapist, 2017

Image: Courtesy of Pixabay

Category: Poetry


32 thoughts on “Too soon

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  1. A very beautiful poem. The depth of feeling was vividly told in your word choice. I was so taken by this verse I reread it several time to allow my emotions time to fully appreciate what I was reading. This Is truly a wonderful poem.

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  2. Well this was good that its “too soon”. I think you are talking about any unexpected trouble someone ran into right. That what I thought of it . ya the plot I good and executed pretty good to loved it.

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      1. Hey i know that pain and really wish that I could have been there for you but as I can’t do that I am sending my words-
        Time with some special ones are
        The times that makes life beautiful
        The loss of them only leaves a symbol
        Of there presence in past
        Its up us to make that symbol a momento
        Of all the magical time with them
        Or to make them a scar as
        A reminder of pain the left for us.
        I will say both of them has there own beauty.
        But just don’t hate them cause hate always hurts.

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      2. Thank you so much! You have no idea how much it means that you tried to lessen my pain by your beautiful poem. Each word here is so true. Since the wound is too fresh, it will take time to heal. But your words helped a lot. Thanks again! What’s your name, if you don’t mind me asking this?


  3. Written wonderfully, almost every person comes out of the comforting cocoon of the darkness too soon, the light brings pain but gradually helps you stand up and cope up ! I read the previous comments, my condolences for you and the way to let your pain out is through your pen!

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  4. Hits me somewhere deep within my soul.. everything that we’ve lost in life.. was all too soon! Things that were snatched away from us.. unfair things.. things we weren’t prepared for!

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    1. I know dear. Those who lost something precious in their life can connect to this one on a deeper level. You’re right, it’s unfair and so hard to bear that I couldn’t help but put it on paper in hopes of lessening the pain.

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