Don’t try to solve me

Don’t try to solve me. It’s a conundrum, I know. Even I’ve been trying for years.

Don’t start to walk on this road, I warn you, it leads to a maze. Maybe you’ll get lost forever.

Stop finding ways through my eyes to that place inside my head. Just stop. Sometimes, even I don’t want to be there. Sometimes, it’s not a safe place to be.

Don’t try.

Don’t start.

Stop finding ways.

For I am afraid, if somehow you managed to break this well fabricated façade, my soul will Unravel itself for you.

For I am afraid, every shade, dark and light, will start to gush out.

©sakshi~the escapist, 2017

Thank you Chaos-XD, for letting me use this beautiful art piece of yours as an inspiration. Painting or writing, you’re amazing and spectacular in everything you do! You’re the coolest person I’ve come across during this first month of my blogging journey! Lots of love to you!❤✌

Dear fellow bloggers and readers, make sure to check out her blog A Glimpse Of Darkness. The way she writes, I am sure you’ll fall in love with the beauty of darkness. Just like I did! 

I hope you liked this written piece. Feedback is welcome! Have a nice day!


50 thoughts on “Don’t try to solve me

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  1. Wow..I’m speechless..this is exactly what I felt seeing the picture..And never thought My wish would come true so soon. I asked chaos to write something for the painting and now you have a written a beautiful piece. I just can’t believe my eyes.
    Yay! I agree she is a wonderful person and you too. Happy to know you both. Lots of love to you both.💓💓

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    1. Thank you, Morpheus! You beautifully grasped this piece. Yes, it’s difficult to vulnerable. We create a wall around ourselves. But we don’t understand that wall is made of glass and some people come into your life holding sledge hammers.

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  2. No way!!! 😍
    Babe.. I’m speechless on so many levels.. as honored as I am seeing my painting here with this breathtaking poem that stole my heart.. its so hard to believe how relatable this post is to me!

    You know.. I usually quote my favourites on poems but when I have struggles selecting my favorite is when I know that you’ve written something bomb af!

    “For I am afraid, every shade, dark and light, will start to gush out.”

    Damn that conclusion though! 👌

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      1. I’m literally walking up and down my hallway absorbing all this happiness! When I made a WordPress it was only to voice my worries and I had no idea so much joy was in store for me! 💖

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  3. Nice work its good to read some work like this its like you don’t want anyone to get in your life. Well this just how every one feels when they are having a bad phase for long time they won’t let anyone in and shut themselves from external world. I am not saying that you have been through that state but I am only saying you described it wonderfully and if someone who has been through that will understand what excellent work you have done

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    1. Thank you tiger. You thoroughly go through the words. Thank you, it means a lot. When Chaos posted her art piece, I couldn’t stop myself from writing this one. Yes, everyone at some point in their life goes through such situations but everyone deals differently. Thanks again for reading. ✌😏

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