These broken souls

All souls bear bruises
But some souls bear cracks
From where darkness oozes
Covering themselves in dark tracks

Too much these broken souls feel
And sometimes there’s also numbness
But we all deserve to Heal
To be free of this glumness

No doubt, there will still be flaws
Cracks will become scars
While reviving the lost cause
We’ll still fight inner wars

But we don’t need to hide
Any scars on our soul
We wear them with pride
They’re ours, they make us whole

©sakshi~the escapist, 2017

Image: Pixabay


32 thoughts on “These broken souls

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  1. What, indeed, are we without our scars, without our cracks – our imperfections? That’s a rhetorical question, of course. You answered it in a beautiful way.

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  2. I was like “yeah ..hell yeah” while I read through is.. of course. we are technically empty without our scars Them cracks and bruises are like the medals of the wars we won!
    Loved this one sakshi! 👌

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    1. Hey Robert! Thanks for reading. All of us bear marks on our soul. These marks could be our mistakes or difficult times that we went through. Some marks are just bruises, that could heal easily. But some are deep like cracks, that take time to heal and even after healing they leave scars. But we must wear them with pride because they are reminders that we made through the dark times, that we are strong. I hope you get it Robert! Thanks for stopping by.

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      1. Likewise – you have an open invitation to visit my blog and examine the many wonders contained therein. I have many (2) very mediocre poems, a measure (1) of stories, a plethora (lots and lots) of mad (but extremely interesting) thoughts on all manner of subjects and one or two ideas that might just change the world. Tempted? Let me know and I’ll get the kettle on. 🙂
        Laters – Robert.

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