Delicious Solitude

She raised her ugly head
You sensed a gloomy void
You wished she was dead
You were angry and annoyed

Others got tired, gave up
She took you in her embrace
With time you both made up
Despite her ugly face

Your heart was now freed
Where once it felt affliction
Her caress became a need
Her presence, an addiction

Her ugly face, you don’t remember
She looked beautiful, renewed
‘Loneliness’ once you named her
But now it’s delicious ‘solitude’

©sakshi~the escapist, 2017

Image: Pixabay


24 thoughts on “Delicious Solitude

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  1. Sorry for commenting again. I just wanted to say WOW!! Each time I read this I am amazed. This will be one that will remain in my mail box for a very long time. Any time I want to be reminded of the beauty of solitude I will have it.

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  2. Not often I’m left with goosebumps that last for a couple of seconds even after I’m done reading something.. but this piece! This was so magically beautiful..
    I love poems with sudden reveals and plot twists at the end..

    ” ‘Loneliness’ once you named her
    But now it’s delicious ‘solitude’”
    I was like aaaaaarggghhhh 😍😍

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