Meaningless moments

“Funny, isn’t it?” her hostel roomie asked her.

She paused the horror movie playing on the laptop, took out a handful of potato chips from the pack and faced her roomie. “What is?” she asked and started crunching.

“This!” her roomie replied and gave her a puzzled look. “We. Everything right now. It’s funny how we find so much pleasure in small things. Like right now. Watching horror movie while eating chips. Apparently, these things are meaningless.”

She swallowed the chips and faced forward, contemplating this for a few seconds and then readjusted the comforter around both of them. “Yeah,” she said, smiling faintly. “It is funny. But I think people need such moments. You know, where they could just relax without any worry. Maybe, like you said, it’s meaningless. But these meaningless moments would hold some meaning one day, when we’ll look back and long for them. But we won’t have time for them.” She again faced her roomie to make sure she was actually getting what she was trying to say and saw the amusement in her eyes. “What?” she asked her roomie.

Her roomie sighed dramatically and rolled her eyes. “No wonder our whole class calls you a philosopher.”

“I try,” she shrugged and then both of them laughed out loud on their silly joke. After a few seconds they resumed the movie and one of those Meaningless moments.

©sakshi~the escapist, 2017

Image: Pixabay


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