Unfamiliar contentment

He held her for the first time in his arms and her tiny hand gripped his finger. The touch was soft. Tender. But he could already feel the walls around his heart crumbling under its power. The walls he had built for years. Brick by brick. While looking at her beautiful face, he was feeling an unfamiliar contentment.
“What did I tell you?” his wife asked him. He could hear the smugness in her voice.
He raised his eyes and looked towards his wife who was smirking and looking at the tiny bundle of happiness in his arms.
He got up from the chair and sat beside his wife on the hospital bed. He felt his face split into a wide smile.
“Yeah,” he said. “She’s perfect.”
Just then their daughter yawned with her baby mouth and opened her small eyes, and in that moment, he felt he had Conquered the world.

©sakshi~the escapist, 2017

Image: Pixabay


15 thoughts on “Unfamiliar contentment

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  1. Such a lovely piece you have here..babe, seriously how well you have expressed the cuteness of a new born baby..those tender fingers do speak a lot to us. And the happiness in holding the baby for the first time can’t be put in words. Just beautiful.💓💓

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