Destiny, or luck?

Some called it destiny, some called it luck.

He gripped the microphone in his hands and ran his eyes over the crowd. It had been years, but he still couldn’t believe that those thousands of people, who were shouting his name in encouragement, were gathered here to just hear him sing.

Maybe it was destiny, but it wasn’t luck. He had worked his way up from hard times, starvation and sleepless nights. He had walked on thorns for years to get to this bed of roses. It wasn’t easy. There was no short-cut. Just hard work and determination.

He looked over his shoulder towards the backstage. As always, she was standing there with her hands close to her heart in a praying position.

Or, it was Luck after all. He was lucky that he had someone like her in his life. Someone who had made too many sacrifices for him, supported him and made him into what he was.

Her eyes met his. The crowd was still chanting his name noisily but, somehow while looking at her, he felt his heart swell and the noise fading away.

She frowned and mouthed, “What?”

He smiled and shook his head. “Love you, Mom,” he mouthed back.

She grinned and mouthed, “Love you too.”

He looked back at the crowd and closed his eyes in a silent prayer and after a few seconds, his melodious voice echoed throughout the concert hall.

©sakshi~the escapist, 2017

Image: Pixabay


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