The Witch Some Witch by Quleen O Queen

Synopsis from Goodreads:
Frightening, tragic, violent, and a shameless story of the witch, some witch. As the characters in the novel fret at its suspense, gasp at its terror and hide it for the sake of reputation, the novel breaks the border between magic and reality. The novel begins with a girl writhing in fear and pain; it proceeds as the dirty pasts and hidden histories are dug by the main character; memories which shudder are revisited; and as the violent episodes of riots, lynching, and sexual abuse scream at the characters, some succumb while most rise above the graves of the past.
All the while, the hectoring question remains: Is the horror of the witch, some witch eating away at us or are we the horror? At last, what has magic got to do here? Grace, the main character sums it all:

When real had forcibly slept with my skin, magic helped me live through it.


Image source: Quleen O Queen

My review: THE WITCH SOME WITCH is a fiction novel written by the budding Indian author Quleen Kaur Bijral, under the pen name Quleen O Queen. This novel is Miss Quleen’s debut work in which she offers a captivating story with a blend of horror and some supernatural elements, and on the other hand it deals with some dark issues like sexual abuse which also makes it a tragic and melancholic read.


My honest opinion is that I better not give away anything about the plot because this book was not like anything I’ve read before and to really understand it you’ll have to actually read it. Still, for those readers who want to know what they are getting themselves into before reading it, I’ll give just a little.

Title: The Witch, Some Witch: Damning Her And Damning Me
Author: Quleen O Queen (Quleen Kaur Bijral)
Genres: Horror, Mystery, Suspense, Paranormal, Dark, Adult
Suitable age: 18+
Date of publishing: 28 Oct 2016
Publisher: Partridge India
Language: English
Source: Copy received from the author in exchange for the honest review.
My rating: 3.8 out of 5

*Trigger warning: Sexual abuse & violence *
The story starts in an eerie town which has a mysterious gothic setting, and there you get to meet Grace, the main female protagonist of the book. When Grace comes to the town, she encounters something completely messed up and unnatural that leaves her bewildered, and right there from the first chapter you are thrown into a realm of mystery and horror. Grace becomes determined to get answers. The dramatic events experienced by Grace give a mysterious and dark feel to the story and you get more and more curious about too many things, like:
– What is actually happening in the town?
– Grace’s past.
– Grace’s true intentions.
– What spooky and twisted things are about to happen next?
– Who is this Witch, some Witch that everyone is so afraid to talk about?
At first Grace seems like a selfish girl who doesn’t care about anything. But as the story progresses, you get to know her. She has a clever personality and the way she sees through every single person she meets, makes her a good judge of character too. There are glimpses of her past and the horrors she went through that make you sympathise with her. The story continues with a slow pace and the narrator, Grace, becomes more and more unreliable and that’s not a bad thing because I think the story demands it, the author wants us to feel everything that Grace is feeling – desperation, confusion, melancholy. Until the end, the story keeps you guessing and second guessing. It teases your mind and makes you question everything. The book is dark, yes, but not in some horrible manner. For the lovers of suspense and mystery, this book is worth giving a shot.
I, for one, liked the book because for me it was a good break from the usual. At one point it made me want to scream with frustration because so much was happening and that too without any enlightenment, but at the same time it kept me flipping pages, wanting more and more. A big round of applause for Miss Quleen because she dared to come up with such dark subjects in her debut novel and in doing so she has done a brilliant job!!!!
Thank you, Miss Quleen for providing me a copy of your novel in exchange for the honest review. Looking forward to read more of your works in the future.

©sakshi~the escapist, 2017


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